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What builds your energy?

What builds your energy? What brings excitement and power to your day? Do you find that some days are like making your way through a vat of treacle? That showing a bright and happy face is nigh on impossible and the thought of being… Continue Reading “What builds your energy?”

Have you ever felt exposed?


I recently found myself exposed. Not in the…you have your dress tucked into your knickers after the toilet…or…you opened your mouth about something you have no idea about and showed your lack of any clue…type of way. No, I found myself exposed in the… Continue Reading “Have you ever felt exposed?”

What does giving look like?

I was recently talking to a member of the team about giving and sacrifice. We were looking at this sketch which they had sent through to me. Their take: “…people sacrifice a lot for others’ happiness – women do it – burn self and… Continue Reading “What does giving look like?”

Dealing with stress – one size does not fit all

Some years ago, in the early 80s, I dipped my toe into nursing and found myself on night shift in the renal ward. The ward was predominantly full of women in their 50s and 60s, all with renal failure. It seemed odd to me… Continue Reading “Dealing with stress – one size does not fit all”

Why me writing a blog about mental health?

So, why a blog? Why me? Why mental health? In particular, why me writing a blog about mental health? You could say I am passionate about mental health, run a business to help improve mental health and quite like to write, so a blog about mental health seems logical.