Taking Mental Strides

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A mental health awareness blog with a difference

When it comes to supporting good mental health, it helps to enjoy some time for yourself and take positive mental strides.

Taking Mental Strides is the title of our blog series, but this is not your average mental health awareness blog.

Think of Taking Mental Strides as a letter from a good friend, chatting about every day life, the happenings of the world, and how these happenings can impact your thoughts and actions.

We’d love to hear what you think, so if you read one of our blogs and it has an impact or strikes a chord, let us know at info@mentalstrides.com.au.

Latest posts

Older and wiser: learning from those who have done it before

Older and wiser: learning from those who have done it before. There is lots of value in someone the older they get, but in our society, we don’t always value our elders. When does someone become too old to be useful? When does Google (and other similar avenues) provide better information than lived experience?


Living in harmony: conflict, consideration and choices

Conflict. Some people revel in it … they like the challenge of the debate, the different views, beliefs, and thoughts … they can’t wait to bring you over to their viewpoint. Even if they don’t succeed, they enjoy the attempt. Others will do almost anything to avoid it. But what happens when conflict becomes unhealthy?



There are different types of tired and different things that cause it. Sometimes, it’s pure physical exhaustion, maybe its mental exhaustion, or work-related fatigue. What can we do? How do we break that cycle of fatigue, regardless of why it is happening?



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“Engel was so engaging … it was great that she had so much knowledge and practical experience to share with us.”

Confidential Mental Heath First Aid Course feedback, 2021

Mental Strides' Mental Health Consultant, Engel Prendergast smiles warmly at the camera. Engel has her hair back, and is wearing tortoise-shell glasses, a floral scarf and an apricot-coloured shirt.

Highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable mental health training delivery across Western Australia

Engel Prendergast is our Mental Health Consultant, working with organisations and groups to build a culture that supports good mental health.

Engel is an accredited Mental Health First Aid and safeTALK Instructor, and Lifeline Crisis Supporter and Mentor. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion), Diploma of Counselling, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

With natural compassion, a determination to help others and extensive experience in training and facilitation, Engel provides an environment that fosters learning and ownership.

Three mental health course participants sit on a green and an orange couch, one leaning on a glass coffee table, workshopping course materials.

Our specialised training team can work with your organisation to develop tailored mental health training to suit your workforce needs.

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