Taking Mental Strides

Taking Mental Strides is the title of our blog series. We’ll be publishing regular blog pieces on a variety of topics related to our passion for building a culture that supports good mental health in all areas of life.



There are different types of tired and different things that cause it. Sometimes, it’s pure physical exhaustion, maybe its mental exhaustion, or work-related fatigue. What can we do? How do we break that cycle of fatigue, regardless of why it is happening?

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Detours, paths or lessons

Life is an amazing thing. It can provide such intense happiness, devastating sadness, delightful ease, and crushing exhaustion. We all travel along the path of life in whatever way we can, sometimes tripping along with grace and merriment and other times moving with a heaviness akin to walking through wet cement or thick treacle. Often,…

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There has been much talk recently about freedom.  We’ve seen unrest, anger, and anguish about our freedom being taken away. Our freedom to move around at will, our freedom to travel, our freedom to be without masks …  One can argue that people have a right to be free, a right to rebel, a right…

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