Eight men sit around a u-shaped group of tables, writing part of a Mental Health First Aid training activity. A projector screen is at the front of the room with course information on display.

Tailored mental health first aid training for Western Australia

In this fast, busy world, good mental health has become a precious commodity. The environment where we work, live and play is increasingly important when it comes to ensuring our mental health is nurtured.

Mental health training for any industry, anywhere in WA

Mental Strides helps you build a culture that supports good mental health, by providing professional mental health first aid training to your team. Based in Perth, we provide mental health training for any industry, anywhere in Western Australia.

Our training is led by experience, natural compassion, and a determination to help others.

With a diverse team, Mental Strides is well placed to provide the services you need both locally and internationally. Regardless of the industry (health care, government, mining and exploration, engineering, education, retail), or location, our team can help.

Flexible training delivery

Mental Strides offers flexible delivery of all courses, including full or half days, and weekends or weekdays. This means you can roll out training to your team in a way that suits your business.

Western Australian black swans and cygnets, swimming in a lake surrounded by bushland. This image represents the way Mental Strides provides mental health training across Western Australia.
Light blue 2022 diary and a Standard Mental Health First Aid Course book on a light, oak-coloured desk.

Why mental health first aid training?

Completing mental health first aid training helps support good mental health, whether it is at an organisational level, within a community group, or individually.

By completing Mental Health First Aid training with us, you will learn:

  • to be aware of and understand the risk, signs, and symptoms of mental health issues.
  • how to listen and respond to someone with a mental health problem.
  • practical skills to help someone experiencing mental health problems in the workplace or the community.
  • how to help someone to access the support they might need.

About our Mental Health Consultant

Engel Prendergast is a Mental Health Consultant, working with organisations and groups to build a culture that supports good mental health.

Engel is an accredited Mental Health First Aid and safeTALK Instructor, and Lifeline Crisis Supporter and Mentor. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion), Diploma of Counselling, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

With natural compassion, a determination to help others and extensive experience in training and facilitation, Engel provides an environment that fosters learning and ownership.

“Engel kept everyone engaged with the course and you could see how knowledgeable she is in the field of mental health.”

Confidential Mental Health First Aid course feedback, 2022

Cover of the Mental Strides Mental Health First Aid Information Kit, which features a group of men workshopping around a table. The cover is titled, Mental Strides: Professional Mental Health First Aid, awareness training and counselling

All of your mental health training questions answered in one place

Would you like to approach your supervisor (or management) to run mental health first aid training at work, but don’t have the information you need?

Our new information kit outlines the business benefits of creating a mentally healthy workplace, provides details of our tailored training options, and answers all of your mental health first aid questions

Download the information kit and then contact Engel on 0451 945 545 to discuss training opportunities for your workplace.

We’d love to work with you to develop tailored mental health training for your team.

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