Mental Health Workshops

We provide tailored mental health first aid and awareness training in Perth and across WA. From health care, government, mining and exploration, engineering, education, retail, not-for-profit, sporting clubs, corporate services, and anything in between, Mental Strides can help.

Mental health training to support your team

There are many way to strengthen and support the mental health of your workforce, and mental health awareness training plays an important role.

We have dedicated workshops, and can also work with your organisation to develop targeted mental health training to suit your workforce needs. Our bullying and harassment, drug and alcohol, and school mental health workshops are just three examples of training solutions developed by our team to meet identified client needs.

Mental health awareness workshop participants standing with labelled A4 sized pages, talking about the impacts of mental illness

Mental Health Awareness Workshop (Half-Day)

In this workshop, you will learn more about the stressors which affect our mental health, how to recognise when someone they know may be struggling, where to get support, how to look after themselves (and others), and the importance of selfcare.

Supported by practical and engaging exercises, the workshop can be run for groups of up to 20 participants and includes a workbook to reinforce learnings.

Organisations or communities looking to go one step further can schedule the two-day Mental Health First Aid Course.

Mental health skill set workshop participants in discussions outdoors as part of a training exercise.

Mental Health Skill Set

A tailored training session designed to build individual mental health awareness and provide simple skills/tools for use in the field.

Select from three topics including, establishing and maintaining boundaries; identifying and managing vicarious trauma; managing family life; isolation and personal support; providing support for others; bullying and harassment; drugs, alcohol, and mental health; and selfcare and mindfulness.

The session can be tailored to include topics to suit individual client needs. The time required for these training sessions will vary, dependent on topic selection and the combination of topics required.

Bullying and harassment workshop sticky notes outlining, "what is bullying?" on a large page titled "Bullying".

Bullying and Harassment Awareness Training

Bullying and harassment in the workplace, online and in other areas of the community is an ongoing and very topical issue.

We would like to think that, because bullying and harassment is officially not tolerated in the workplace, it doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, this is not the case and it is up to all of us to recognise the signs and do something about it. This can sometimes be difficult.

Our half-day bullying and harassment workshop assist organisations in identifying when bullying may be happening, determine ways to address it and also work towards a culture that minimises the chance of it happening again.

Drugs, alcohol and mental health awareness workshop participants stand and sit around a table as part of a workshop exercise.

Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health Awareness Training

A one-and-a-half hour session that focuses on the impact alcohol and drug use can have on an individual’s mental health and the health of an organisation, as well as how to recognise and address associated issues.

School mental health workshop sticky notes outlining, "what makes me stressed or worried" on a large page.

School Mental Health Workshop (One-Day)

Developed for students from Year 10 and above, this workshop is full of practical and engaging exercises which reinforce the importance of looking after our mental health.

Students learn more about the stressors which affect our mental health, how to recognise when someone they know may be struggling, where to get support, how to look after themselves (and others), and the importance of selfcare.

The workshop can be run for groups of up to 40 students (with teacher support) and includes a workbook to reinforce learnings.

This is an ideal workshop for your school or P & F student enrichment program.

Three female course participants sit in occasional chairs, in discussion as part of a mental health workshop activity.


safeTALK is a half-day alertness workshop that prepares participants to become a suicide alert helper.

Cover of the Mental Strides Mental Health First Aid Information Kit, which features a group of men workshopping around a table. The cover is titled, Mental Strides: Professional Mental Health First Aid, awareness training and counselling

All of your mental health training questions answered in one place

Would you like to approach your supervisor (or management) to run mental health first aid training at work, but don’t have the information you need?

Our new mental health information kit outlines the business benefits of creating a mentally healthy workplace, provides details of our tailored training options, and answers all of your mental health first aid questions

Download the information kit and then contact Engel on 0451 945 545 to discuss training opportunities for your workplace.

Mental Strides' Mental Health Consultant, Engel Prendergast smiles warmly at the camera. Engel has her hair back, and is wearing tortoise-shell glasses, a floral scarf and an apricot-coloured shirt.

Highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable mental health training delivery across Western Australia

Engel Prendergast is our Mental Health Consultant, working with organisations and groups to build a culture that supports good mental health.

Engel is an accredited Mental Health First Aid and safeTALK Instructor, and Lifeline Crisis Supporter and Mentor. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion), Diploma of Counselling, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

With natural compassion, a determination to help others and extensive experience in training and facilitation, Engel provides an environment that fosters learning and ownership.

“Engel helped me feel confident and well resourced in supporting others who may be struggling. The training was professional and dynamic, yet practical and relevant.”

Manager (Not-for-Profit)

Three mental health course participants sit on a green and an orange couch, one leaning on a glass coffee table, workshopping course materials.

Our specialised training team can work with you to develop tailored mental health training to suit your workforce needs.

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