Mental Strides provides services across a range of sectors and industries. From health care, government, mining and exploration, engineering, education, retail, not-for-profit, corporate services and anything in between, Mental Strides can assist.

Training can be tailored for each session, in consultation with the client.


Program Development

We will work with you to audit your organisation and develop a program to build a mentally healthy environment. 


Standard Mental Health First Aid

A 12-hour course designed for adults to assist adults who may be developing a mental health issue, having a worsening of a mental health issue, or be in crisis. Participants can become an Accredited Mental Health First Aider by completing an online assessment post-course.

Mental Strides offers flexible delivery of the course including full or half days and weekends or weekdays to be negotiated to suit.

Mental Health Skill Set

Tailored training session designed to build individual mental health awareness and provide simple skills/tools for use in the field.

Topics include: establishing and maintaining boundaries; identifying and managing vicarious trauma; managing family life; isolation and personal support; providing support for others; bullying and harassment; drugs, alcohol and mental health; and self care and mindfulness.

Session can be tailored to include topics to suit individual client needs. The time requirement for these training sessions will vary, dependent on topic selection and the combination of topics required.

Mental Health Awareness/Toolbox Talks

A 1-2 hour training session designed to build mental health awareness in the individual and provide some simple tools for use in the field. These sessions cover one specific topic per session and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the client.

These sessions are well suited as either “toolbox” style talks or more detailed information sessions.

Individual topics include:

  • Establishing and maintaining boundaries;
  • Identifying and managing vicarious trauma;
  • Working remotely;
  • Isolation and personal support;
  • Providing support for others; and
  • Self care and mindfulness.

Bullying and Harassment Awareness Training

A four-hour workshop providing participants with the skills and knowledge to recognise workplace bullying and take action to address it.

Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health Awareness Training

A one-and-a-half hour session which focuses on the impact alcohol and drug use can have on an individual’s mental health and the health of an organisation, as well as how to recognise and address associated issues.

Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person

A four-hour face to face delivery for adults to empower them to assist someone who is experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

Mental Health First Aid for Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

A four-hour face to face delivery for adults to empower them to assist someone who is thinking about or engaging in non-suicidal self-injury.

Standard Mental Health First Aid Refresher Course

A four-hour face to face delivery for Mental Health First Aiders who want to maintain their accreditation after three years.

Tailored Training

Our specialised training team can work with your organisation to develop targeted mental health training to suit your workforce needs. Our bullying and harassment, and drug and alcohol mental health workshops are just two examples of training solutions developed by our team to meet identified client needs.


A half-day alertness workshop that prepares participants to become a suicide alert helper.


Support, Monitoring and Evaluation

Mentals Strides provides ongoing client support including:

  • Follow-up support for Mental Health First Aiders and Suicide Alert Helpers.
  • Monitoring of organisational mental health cultural status.
  • Program evaluation.
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