Living in harmony: conflict, consideration and choices

Conflict. Some people revel in it … they like the challenge of the debate, the different views, beliefs, and thoughts … they can’t wait to bring you over to their viewpoint. Even if they don’t succeed, they enjoy the attempt. Others will do almost anything to avoid it. But what happens when conflict becomes unhealthy?

How doing something positive helps us navigate change

The world is changing … How often do we hear this said? Often with some trepidation or as if it is something that has never happened before. Change can be good, bad, big or small, and sometimes we need help to navigate it…


There are different types of tired and different things that cause it. Sometimes, it’s pure physical exhaustion, maybe its mental exhaustion, or work-related fatigue. What can we do? How do we break that cycle of fatigue, regardless of why it is happening?

The pursuit of happiness – trying to be happy or being happy?

Have you made a list of resolutions for the new year? Maybe you have adopted a ‘word of the year’ to guide your actions in 2022.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the pursuit of happiness that we forget to actually see life as an expression of happiness …

Detours, paths or lessons

Life is an amazing thing. It can provide such intense happiness, devastating sadness, delightful ease, and crushing exhaustion. We all travel along the path of life in whatever way we can, sometimes tripping along with grace and merriment and other times moving with a heaviness akin to walking through wet cement or thick treacle. Often,Continue reading “Detours, paths or lessons”


There has been much talk recently about freedom.  We’ve seen unrest, anger, and anguish about our freedom being taken away. Our freedom to move around at will, our freedom to travel, our freedom to be without masks …  One can argue that people have a right to be free, a right to rebel, a rightContinue reading “Freedom”

Leap of Faith

You often hear people talking about taking a leap of faith. Whilst traditionally it has referred largely to a religious leap, it can mean different things to different people – we are after all intrinsically, exquisitely unique … it is one of the things that makes this world such an interesting place. Oxford Languages explainsContinue reading “Leap of Faith”


I have always longed for a world without borders. A world where people may travel freely, wherever they wish to go. Where your ability to travel is not determined by your nationality or where you happened to be born. Yes, I know it’s idealistic … I have been told … but still … Now ofContinue reading “Borders”

Who Makes You Happy?

Who makes you happy? Who is that someone that even just thinking about them can make you smile, give you a bit of a warm feeling inside? Someone who gives you strength perhaps, builds your confidence …someone who enhances your wellbeing, brings a positive stillness when things around you spiral out of control … someoneContinue reading “Who Makes You Happy?”

Bringing Help When You Can’t

So here we are, May 2021 and I am supposed to be in India. I am supposed to be in India delivering mental health training. I am supposed to be in India physically connecting with the people there who I love. I am supposed to be in India filling my inner well with the energyContinue reading “Bringing Help When You Can’t”