Mobile Phones: Shackled or Connected?

Shackled to my phone? Maybe … just a bit.

We hear about this a lot these days. Everyone is tied to their phones … addicted.

“It’s social media! Fake news! Bullying! Time wasting! Removed from reality! A scourge on our society …”

Well they may have a point but there are good things too … I mean social media promotes this blog after all. How else would you know to read these gems?

It’s not just social media anyway. You can be shackled to your phone for other things … all those apps! … game apps, weather app, news app, fitness app, COVID app, calendar app, time app, check on your dog app, lock your door app, remember to brush your teeth app, where in the world am I app (I am particularly fond of that one as I have the worst sense of direction) and on and on and on it goes.

Sometimes it is even about the actual phone bit … you know – being able to contact actual people … connecting, keeping in touch. That is what is important to me, being able to contact a specific person.

For me it is messaging, calling, WhatsApp that shackles me … not shackles though, connects me … surely … keeps me in touch.

It is not being shackled to check your phone with alarming regularity when waiting for someone to return a message … is it? It’s good I am connected!! I am staying in touch …

I contact them, they contact me, we are connected. I am connected with people, via this device to be sure but still connected. In touch with people I can’t see in person every day, people that I love, that I can’t hug (pretty sure I have mentioned hugging before), who live intrastate, interstate and overseas.

Oh yes at times I guess I am addicted, shackled … but to what? My phone or people?

Funnily enough, I am old enough to remember staying in touch, trying to connect, without a mobile phone.

“Say what! No mobile phone? Are you serious? I mean how old are you?!”

Yes, no mobile phone and yes I am serious … as to how old I am, well let’s not go there right now …

I used to keep in touch with letters, land line calls and telegrams (if it was urgent) … the idea of telegrams really amuses my kids.

Does anyone else remember spending days by the family phone in the kitchen waiting, at times in vain, for that phone call … surely they will ring. And the frustration when you really have to use the bathroom, taking as little time as possible, only to find someone else has taken control of your only contact method.

It was a cumbersome time – letters were even worse – long distance relationships were certainly challenging – no Facetime, no early morning calls, no texts, no Facebook stalking …

So personally, I am a fan of the mobile phone and the ease with which I can keep in touch with others, no matter where they are, all over the world.

You may call it shackled … I call it connected.

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