Connecting physically from far away

If this last year or so has taught me anything, it is how reliant I am on the ability to physically connect with all those I love, whenever I choose.

How incredibly lucky I have been over my life to be able to move around and travel, visiting the people that enrich me, nourish me, bring me joy … special connections … I miss them.

Don’t get me wrong – I have lots of people right here in Western Australia where I live, who I love and who enrich and nourish me and bring me joy … but still … perhaps I am just greedy.

Connection is vital for me and probably for you too. And with the help of technology we are able to connect pretty consistently … but …

For me, physical connection is a big part of how I manage stress. If you have had the dubious pleasure of reading earlier blog posts, you may recall that I like to hug people. Well, I do … and when it comes to the people I love, I need to hug them … all of them! I need to connect physically.

So how do you connect physically when you can’t connect physically? Well, you can’t … at least not directly.

Recently I went away for a weekend with a friend – ’friend’ does not in the slightest explain the depth of the relationship we have, but it will have to do for now … and our travels took us to the spot where two oceans meet.

We sat on the warm rocks and looked out to sea. You could see the waves of one ocean meet the waves of the other, greeting each other with the exuberance of good friends … connecting. Who knows how often they meet in the vastness of the oceans, as they travel around the world.

I wonder then about the oceans and how they are connected. Here were two oceans, called different names coming together and it was hard to see the difference. They kind of melded together in a beautiful oceanic hug, before heading off again to meet others, perhaps carrying news, spreading love along the way … 

Even during this time when things are unsettled, unknown, the oceans continue to do what they have always done – connecting the different parts of the world, even as they connect together. Lucky buggers. It appears that I am envious of the ocean …

Well, I am not the ocean and I cannot travel to all the people I love and hug them at the moment. It is hard for me …

But this trip and watching these oceans has reminded me that I am still connected to all the people I love and connected physically too. It is just that, at the moment, the physical connection is through the ocean.

So maybe I just need to let the ocean help me, and connect me to those I love, carrying my hugs until the time comes when I can do it myself again.

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