Seven Mental Health First Aid course participants stand around a whiteboard on an easel. One man writes on the board while the others look on, workshopping ideas as part of a course activity.

Why chose Mental Strides to deliver your mental health training?

There is a common theme to the testimonials and feedback we receive, and it all comes back to our reasons for doing what we do.

Our mental health first aid training is tailored and led by Engel who brings her experience, natural compassion, and determination to help others. This helps course participants feel relaxed and engaged, so they’re able to focus on the content and feel confident about participating in the course.

It’s a genuine approach that shows in our feedback and it makes us feel pretty proud.

Mental Strides' Mental Health Consultant, Engel Prendergast stands in front of a projector screen, wearing a black top and glasses to deliver mental health training.

What our mental health course participants are saying:

“Engel had lots of anecdotes and real-life examples of the content we were learning – the delivery allowed for many different learning styles too.”

Anonymous course feedback (Mental Health First Aid)

“Engel kept everyone engaged with the course and you could see how knowledgeable she is in the field of mental health.”

Anonymous course feedback (Mental Health First Aid)

“Engel is very knowledgeable on the subject and kept it interesting by using real-life examples.”

Anonymous course feedback (Mental Health First Aid)

“We work in pretty stressful conditions, with long hours away. The training, especially the role-playing, gave me the tools to recognise and help out anyone who is struggling.”

Manager and Supervisor (Construction), February 2021

We’d love to help your organisation become mentally healthy

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