We'd love to work with your group or organisation to develop targeted mental health training for your team, and help build a culture that supports good mental health.

Looking to find out more or schedule your mental health training?

Please get in touch via phone, email, or send a message using the form below. We’d love to work with your group or organisation to help build a culture that supports good mental health.

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Looking over the shoulder of a female mental health training participant with long dark hair, dark-rimmed glasses and a liquorice all-sort coloured striped top. She uses a green texta to draw at face on a t-shirt graphic (on a white A4 page) as part of a training activity.
Cover of the Mental Strides Mental Health First Aid Information Kit, which features a group of men workshopping around a table. The cover is titled, Mental Strides: Professional Mental Health First Aid, awareness training and counselling

All of your mental health training questions answered in one place

Would you like to approach your supervisor (or management) to run mental health first aid training at work, but don’t have the information you need?

Our new information kit outlines the business benefits of creating a mentally healthy workplace, provides details of our tailored training options, and answers all of your mental health first aid questions. 

Download the information kit and then contact Engel on 0451 945 545 to discuss training opportunities for your workplace.

“The resources and information provided are invaluable. I truly recommend personnel from site who you believe others may turn to in a crisis should attend this course.”

Health & Safety Superintendent (Mining)

Mental Strides' Mental Health Consultant, Engel Prendergast, smiles while standing in front of a room. Engel wears a black sleeveless tops, grey pants, tortoise-shell glasses and stands in front a project screen where a slide titled, "Main Symptoms of Depression" is displayed.

We’d love to work with you to develop tailored mental health training for your team.

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